Sacrificing the Status Quo

The middle of July will mark my three-year anniversary in the corporate world. It will also signal a new beginning. I am leaving my comfortable, 9-5 job to build a startup. It feels surreal to enter this new chapter in my life; the sum of my past thoughts and actions have led me here and will be my compass as I navigate new, mysterious waters.

I have never done this before and can only speculate based on the experiences of others. One thing I believe I can say for sure – this will be one of the most difficult journeys in my life. Normal people don’t leave a life of security to build a startup. 9 out of 10 startups fail, so why would I voluntarily go down this path?

Craziness mixed with optimism. I dream about a bright future for humanity. Most science fiction I have read feels a bit dystopian in nature. I guess that’s because crisis sells. Objectively though, we have the potential to solve many of the world’s problems and transform what it means to be human. Building a better future requires sacrificing the status quo. I felt a lot of cognitive dissonance accepting a steady paycheck at an established company while also aspiring to “change the world” with a new company. Juggling those two mindsets felt disingenuous, and deep inside, I realized I need to take the next step forward. Waiting opportunistically can be a viable strategy… but creating the opportunity yourself is more decisive.

My mission is simple. I want to help people live healthy and fulfilled lives. Your health is not defined by the few times you visit the doctor’s office. Health is a continuous narrative that ebbs and flows with everyday actions. I want to empower people to take control of their health using real-world data. This is an incredibly challenging problem, and if I even marginally succeed, it will be worth it.

The next few months should prove interesting. I will be working through Y Combinator’s Startup School to build the foundations of this new company (name TBD). On an individualistic note, I need to prioritize sleep, physical fitness and nutrition. Bringing out the best version of myself is necessary for this crazy thing to work, and I can’t let those key pieces slip.

That’s enough writing for now. If you are interested in following me on this journey, I will be blogging and creating a podcast. It’s mainly therapeutic for me, but I hope it’s interesting for others too. When I told my roommate that I was leaving my company to build a startup, he said, “Now I can live my life vicariously through you.” Cheers to that.


10 replies on “Sacrificing the Status Quo”

This journey will not be an easy one. Stepping out on your own is scary and some of your friends and family will not understand why you would take such a risk. I can tell you that I was the happiest when I ran my own company! It was hard work and many late nights, but nothing worth having will come easy. I wasn’t trying to heal the world, I only want to take my destiny into my own hands. The bottom line is you will be a success one way or another. You will either learn a lot pursuing this dream and move on to other challenges or you will succeed and help us all be better healthy people. Either way, you can’t lose! Good luck!


Most men lead lives of quiet desperation & die with their song still inside them. Congratulations on playing your song. Best of luck on this journey.


Good luck Aakash! I agree with you about the sentiment of modern scifi. Although not scifi, I recommend Autonomy by Larry Burns for a motivational book about people building new tech.


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